Bath Attractions

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top attractions in and around Bath for you to enjoy when heading to the city. Including stunning architecture to famous landmarks like the Roman Baths and Bath Abbey. From gorgeous historic sights to thrilling one-of-a-kind experiences, there’s something for everyone. Planning for your trip to Bath has just become a whole lot easier.

Roman Baths


The famed Roman Baths are first on our list of Bath attractions. The Roman Baths are a world-famous heritage site built around three natural hot springs centuries ago by the Romans. You can buy tickets and go on guided tours of the Roman Baths and Temple to see the iconic remains, such as Roman-built walkways and ancient ruins. These Baths draw millions of people each year and are a must-see for anybody visiting Bath.

Thermae Bath Spa


Thermae Bath Spa, Britain’s original natural thermal spa, is next on our list of Bath attractions. The Thermae Bath Spa, unlike the Roman Baths, allows you to bathe in the natural spring mineral waters. There’s a peaceful spa pool, as well as saunas, steam rooms, and the option to indulge in one of the various spa treatments available. An excellent way to unwind while visiting Bath.



If you like old architecture and landmarks, Stonehenge, an iconic global heritage site, is a must-see. At this Bath site, you can learn about Stonehenge’s construction and take a trip through the remarkable Neolithic homes where you can see how Stonehenge’s residents lived. This is a fantastic family adventure in Bath.

Pulteney Bridge


Next we have Pulteney Bridge, a beautiful piece of Bath architecture within Bath town. This bridge is famous for its gorgeous architecture, connecting Bath and the River Avon. Inside the arches of the bridge you will find lots of independent little shops as well as a bunch of delicious restaurants. A great day out exploring in the bath and fantastic for those who appreciate Georgian history and scenic sights.

Holburne Museum


If you like to visit museums, Holburne Museum is a wonderful place to discover. With many extraordinary art collections and art exhibitions you can make a day’s worth of family exploring. In addition, you can also grab a bite to eat in their modish garden cafe with tables located in their stunning gardens.

Bath World Heritage Centre


Next up we have the Bath World Heritage Centre, a place to explore Bath city in more depth. Including the history of the famous Roman Baths and all Roman and Georgian remains of the city. Take part in guided tours and trails around the many exhibitions and displays inside the centre.

Fashion Museum Bath


The Fashion Museum of Bath is another popular Bath Attraction. This museum is a must-see for anyone interested in discovering world-renowned collections of modern and historical garments, as well as a taste of fashion from the Roman and Georgian periods. Great for fashion enthusiasts and those interested in learning more about ancient fashion.

Prior Park Landscape Garden


Prior Park Landscape Garden is a gorgeous 18th century architectural garden, located only a few miles from Bath city. There are many treasures that attract visitors to the gardens such as the iconic Palladian Bridge, summer houses and grotto. In addition, you can grab a hot drink and take a free guided tour around the gardens including nature and wildlife highlights.

Victoria Art Gallery


Last on our list of Bath attractions is the Victorian Art Gallery, known for being Baths most visited museum. The Art Gallery is named after Queen Victoria, celebrating incredible exhibitions and displays of pottery, glass, watches and more. There are also drawing and craft workshops to keep the children entertained meaning fun for everyone.

Overview of Bath Attractions

We hope you enjoyed discovering Bath and all the exciting places to explore. From museums, scenic walks to spas, we tried to cover the unique heritage and landmarks of the wonderful city. Follow us on our socials to keep up to date with more Enjoy Bath content.