Best Hotels in Bath: Top 5

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best hotels in Bath city, including our five favourites. We have tried to include a range of hotels to suit everyone’s style and taste. For now, put your feet up and enjoy reading.

The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa


First up on our list of the best hotels in Bath is The Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa, located in the heart of Bath city centre. This hotel is known as a Bath landmark, being over 250 years old, it truly is unique! In addition, the hotel is extremely luxurious being a 5 star hotel with brilliant facilities such as: a sleek and relaxing spa, stunning bedroom suites as well as a beautiful dining and wine area. Furthermore, expect outstanding service and friendly staff to greet you on arrival and during your visit. A fantastic stay when visiting Bath city.

The Halcyon Apartments 


Next on our list is The Halcyon Apartments, a range of elegant and modern hotel apartments situated in Bath city centre. You can choose from a quieter location to a more bustling area which operates a hotspot restaurant and cocktail bar. In addition, the rooms are super stylish and spacious, including gorgeous Georgian heritage such as high ceilings and large sash windows. Furthermore, you can feed your hunger by dining in The Halcyon Apartments Clayton’s Kitchen Restaurant, offering delicious and high quality plates. A great place to stay in Bath if you’re looking for self-catering options and plenty of space!

The Gainsborough


Continuing on we have The Gainsborough, located in the city centre of Bath. This hotel is deluxe, offering a 5 star hotel experience with bedroom suites that are award winning for their fabulous design as well as a luxurious thermal springs spa area where you can indulge in a range of unwinding spa treatments. In addition, this hotel is known for its excellent service and atmosphere. Another superb stay in Bath city.

The Abbey Hotel 


Next on our list we have The Abbey Hotel, a 4 star hotel located in the city centre. The rooms are extremely stylish and unique yet contemporary in a stunning historic building. In addition, the food is said to be exquisite, offering fresh and high quality dishes in a relaxing and social atmosphere. Furthermore, The Abbey Hotel is an excellent stay in Bath city centre with many shops, bars and restaurants to explore nearby.



Last on our list we have Eight, a gorgeous city centre townhouse hotel. The hotel offers a range of unique and stylish suites, all with their own individual character and atmosphere. In addition, the facilities are stunning, offering friendly and top quality service straight to your suite. Feeling hungry? Eight has a luscious restaurant on ground food, with history dating back 500 years. The menu is known for its fresh and elegant dishes, including eight small plates reflecting the name, as well as other tasty plates to choose from. A fantastic experience in Bath.

Overview of Best Hotels in Bath

We hope you enjoyed exploring some of the best hotels in Bath as much as we did. Follow us on our socials and keep up to date with our exciting Enjoy Bath content.